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We blended volumes of anthropometric and ergonomic data with real-world advice from professional bike fitters and coaches, as well as feedback from professional and amateur cyclists. Literally dozens of prototypes are buried in the Coefficient handlebar boneyard. The AR's SWOPE (Slope + Sweep) combine to provide a more comfortable and efficient ride that translates to improved performance, especially on longer journeys.

The AR's unique shape and proportional sizing optimizes how riders interact with the front of their bicycle.

Ideally Suited For:

Endurance Road Cycling & Racing

Gravel Riding & Racing


Bikepacking & Touring

Shane Cooper, DeFeet Founder & Chief Sockologist talks AR

Proportional Sizing Syncs Bar Width & Grip Size

Riders of smaller stature generally have small hands. Proportional sizing is all about the grip diameter of the Wave's tops. As you'll read in the chart, a 38cm bar has a much smaller grip diameter that a 44cm bar.

Front View

Side View

Top View

The AR bar rises from the stem to its crown, then slopes down to the drops at 15-degrees to provide a proper neutral alignment for your shoulders and wrists.


The thumb notches on the drops offer a solid & secure grasp for sprinting, descending, and bouncing through rough terrain.

When designing the AR bar, our engineers paid special attention to ensure the drops are located in the same position as a conventional drop bar. 9 of 10 AR riders don't adjust their stack height.

With a 77mm reach, 120mm drop and 4-degree flare, the AR is truly an all-rounder, do-it-all handlebar. 

The AR bar bends forward from the stem to offer a 12-degree back sweep of the bar tops, providing a natural, neutral wrist position for improved comfort and power.

The bar top's grip circumference varies based on bar width to appropriately match smaller and larger hands.

Coefficient AR Installation Instructions: Video & PDF

Materials & Dependability

The Coefficient AR Handlebar is molded using Toray unidirectional carbon fiber and tested to the highest ISO international standards for professional road and mountain bike racing.

Installation Instructions

Check out the Ergo Installation video at the bottom of the page. This five-minute 'how-to’ will ensure a smooth transition from your current flat-top bar AND help you take full advantage of the AR’s aero-ergonomic benefits.

Wave Handlebar Installation sheet image.


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