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The Coefficient AR is a Do-It-All Bar

Our first and lightest SWOPE bar is for riders that recognize comfort equals performance. Directional bump compliance and thumb notches on the drops provide a relaxed grip as you ride the paved washboards and cobbles or venture off road through rocks and ruts.


If Birkenstock made a racing sandal, this is what it would look like.

Ideally Suited For:

Endurance Road Cycling & Racing

Gravel Riding & Racing


Bikepacking & Touring

The Coefficient RR is Race Ready

With an integrated computer mount, this UCI/ITU legal work of art is purpose built for racing. With a deeper drop and an aero shape, your chances of getting away and staying away improve dramatically. Like the AR, the longer you're in the saddle, the more noticeable the gains. 

Limited availability: February 2021

Ideally Suited For:

Road Racing & Chasing City Limit Signs

Aggressive Gravel Riding & Racing

ITU Draft Legal Triathlon Racing

Bar Tape Matters

Like our bars, Wave Bar Tape feels great under your hands and continues to confirm you wrapped right as the miles pile on or the terrain gets tough.

Available in black or white,
with reflective "W" bar-end plugs

Bar Wear

Ideally Suited For:

Keeping Hands & Wrists Happy

'Love Your Bar' Wear

We love what we do at Coefficient Cycling. All-day. Every Day. Checkout our after-ride collection of "Love Your Bar" t-shirts, hats and coasters.


T-shirts are available in women's and men's styles

Hats & Coasters are unisex 

Ideally Suited For:

Happy Hour


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