$399 with computer mount & free shipping in the USA

Limited Availability: February 2021

The RR's patent pending integrated computer bridge is not just a perch for your favorite data capturing gizmo, it offers hand placement options to powerfully and comfortably lift you over a steep climb AND/OR stretch-out and narrow-up to bridge a gap or breakaway from the pack. Designed within UCI and ITU rules, the Coefficient RR will change your cycling experience for the better.

The Coefficient RR is purpose-built for riders that race frequently on pavement and/or gravel.​

SWOPE The Competition

Both the AR and RR feature aero-ergonomics that make it easier to ride faster on the noon ride or an all-day ride. With a deeper drop and increased rigidity, the RR promotes a more aggressive, aerodynamic riding position.

Coefficient's patented SWOPE (sloping, sweeping bar tops) carries over from the AR to relax your upper body and improve respiratory and neuromuscular function.

Ideally Suited For:

Road Racing & Chasing City Limit Signs

Aggressive Gravel Riding & Racing

ITU Draft Legal Triathlon Racing

Evan Pardi, elite triathlete and gravel racer talks RR

Proportional Sizing

Grip size of the RR bar tops varies across all sizes to accommodate riders of slight and large stature.

Computer Compatibility

In partnership with Bar Fly Bike, the RR includes your choice of the following cycling computer mounts: Garmin, Wahoo, Lezyne, Polar, Cateye, Bryton, Joule, Hammerhead, Magellan/Mio.


We also offer a GoPro camera mount that attaches to the underside of the computer bridge. Replacement mounts can be ordered as well.


Weighing In 

When comparing handlebar weights keep in mind that the average off-the-front computer mount weighs in at 30 to 40 grams.


Materials & Dependability

The Coefficient RR is molded using Toray unidirectional carbon fiber and tested to the highest ISO international standards for professional road and mountain bike racing.

Coefficient Science by Cyclologic & Motion Metriq

"The Coefficient AR and RR handlebars are redefining the biomechanical interaction with the front end of a bicycle. In addition, the preliminary aero and ventilatory data that we have gathered demonstrates improvements in aerodynamics, frontal area, comfort, and breathing mechanics.


We are looking forward to providing our findings as we progress through the testing phases. There’s more to learn about these bars and why they improve how riders interact with the front end of their bikes. We are rolling up our sleeves with the Coefficient team to get answers and drive future innovation.”

Paraic McGlynn

Founder & Chief Technologist

Cyclologic & MotionMetriq

Performance Advisor

Trek-Segafredo WorldTour Team

Look for additional Coefficient RR details in July


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